Heatless Satin Hair Curler

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This Heatless Hair Curler is perfect for women with long hair, offering satin curling rod headband with accessory, silk soft foam rollers for overnight styling with no heat needed.

Hair Type: Wavy
Number of Items: 1
Material: Satin
Size: 1 Count (Pack of 1)


  • Heatless Hair Curler Accessories(1 curling iron, 2 hair ties, 1 bobby pin, 1 fine end comb, 2 clips, 1 Spray bottle)

New Heatless Hair Curler: The Length of Time You Use It Will Have Different Effects

  • Warm Tips: (1) If you are in a hurry to go out during use, but want to finish using heatless curlers quickly, you can use the hair dryer to dry your hair quickly(2)If you want to last longer for curls, please spray some hair spray on the hair after using the heatless curlers.

No Heat Silk Ribbon Curling Rod Protects Your Hair

  • The process of use does not require heating
  • Hair does not receive damage from the potion
  • Simple operation, light and easy to carry
  • The degree of curls of curly hair: hair Winding is related to time
  • After use, you will get satisfactory curly hair

Features & details

  • New Heatless Hair Curler: Our heatless hair curler is made of satin material and quality EVA, No smell whatsoever, use beads to flexi the bottom so that the heatless curlers will not disperse, more flexible than the old stiff curling iron, any folding it will not appear crease, it is more soft
  • No Heat Prevent Damage: No heat curlers protects your hair when you use no heat curler does not cause damage to hair, You can easily DIY your own hair, smooth fabric prevents hair from tangling, gives you beautiful, healthy hair, Hair Curlers Accessories(1 curling iron, 2 hair ties, 1 bobby pin, 1 fine end comb, 2 clips, 1 watering can)
  • Operation steps: First, use a small spray bottle to slightly moisten the hair, use bobby pins to secure the curling iron in the middle of the head, separate the hair with a fine tail comb and wrap it around the curling iron, After wrapping, use a hair band to fix it, If the bangs on the forehead have fallen off, you can use clips to fix it. The degree of curl of your hair is determined by the time you use it, heatless curling irons for women with long hair
  • Warm Gift: This beautiful heat-free curling iron can be used at bedtime, light and convenient, It is also convenient to carry out for travel, It is the perfect gift for mom, friend, sister, also suitable for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Birthday, New Year's gift, etc.
  • Friendly Reminder: If you are using heatless curls for the first time maybe you are not skilled at first, you can try more according to the instructions and videos we provide, It's not that a curling iron isn't suitable for your hair, it's that you may not be proficient at using it, can practice a few more times