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Eyebrow shaping can take you from 0 to 100. It’s no surprise why people are willing to spend their time and money to have their eyebrows shaped correctly by brow expert. The right shape and thickness can frame the face beautifully, but poorly shaped brows can take away from your appearance. Keep reading if you want to raise your brow game.

What Is Brow Shaping?

Eyebrow shaping is the grooming of the eyebrow to suit the facial features. These methods include:

  1. Tweezing

Pros: The most popular technique, plucking guarantees a clean, shapely arch.

Cons: Since it requires precision, it can take time.

  1. Waxing

Pros: Inexpensive and fast method pull hair out by the roots.

Cons: Less control than tweezing, which makes mistakes more common.

  1. Threading

Pros: Unlike tweezing, which removes single hairs, a technician twists threads together and pulls out several hairs out at once.

Cons: Some regard it as unsanitary since one end of the thread is held in the technician’s mouth.

  1. Electrolysis

Pros: A technician inserts a thin metal probe into each hair follicle. The probe delivers an electric current that, after several sessions, should destroy the root permanently.

Cons: Your brows typically thin as you age, so removing them permanently means you end up with too few when you get older.

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Why Should You Get Your Eyebrows Shaped?

Having your eyebrows shaped at a beauty salon or spa by a trained brow professional is the best way to get the best brow shape for you. Just as each person is different, each brow is different to each other, so it is important to have someone trained to shape them perfectly, otherwise you can end up with unslightly and unshaped brows. You want the brow to shape the eye socket and complement your features... Not detract from them. It opens up the eye area, frames the face – and can even make you look younger.

How Long Do They Last?

You should maintain your eyebrows about once a month. Hair grows in different cycles so usually between three to six week mark.

Will Getting My Eyebrows Shaped Hurt?

Getting your eyebrows shaped by a brow expert may sting a little depending on your skins' sensativity but a soothing treatment will be applied after. There may be a little redness and raised skin, but this should go down after a few days at the most.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Eyebrows Shaped?

IT typically takes between 15 to 30 minutes to get your brows shaped. Your first appointment may take a little longer as your brow expert needs to shape the brow for the first time properly.

What Eyebrow Shape Is Best For My Face?

  • Oval Shaped – Those of you with an oval shape should count yourself lucky, as it’s often seen as the ideal face shape. An oval face has a forehead that is not too much wider than the chin. The chin is soft and there is a slight curve to the sides of the face. You also don’t need to worry too much about brow shapes as oval suits most brow syles, but there are a few key points to bear in mind. You should try to avoid making brows too angular, keep the charcteristics soft for a more flattering brow.
  • Round Shaped – One of the easiest to spot, a round face has a soft, curved chin and the cheekbones are the widest part of the face. The objective with shaping these brows is to elongate the face and narrow the jawline. Don’t put round brows on a round face. Rounded brows on a rounded face will make the face appear rounder. On the other hand, a straight brow will cause the face to look shorter. So, you would assume something a little more square and angular would counteract this, right? Wrong. Any harsh edges will not compliment the curved contours of the face The best way to flatter a round face shape is to keep the brow soft and slightly curved. Height at the arch of the brow creates height, while a little extra length on the tails creates the illusion of a longer face.
  • Square Shaped – Square faces are similar to rounded but have stong angles rather than soft curves. The sides of the face will be quite straight, with an angular jaw line. The brow should be kept angular so to not contradict the natural face shape. As with round faces, the arch should be lifted and the tail lengthened for a longer looking face. A flat brow will emphasise the square shape of the face, while the curved appearance of a rounded brow will not flatter angular features.
  • Rectangle Shaped – A rectangular face has the same characteristics as a square face, the only difference being that they are longer than they are wide. The forehead, cheeks and jawline will be around the same width with very little curvation in the chin. To balance out a rectangle, the aim is to make the forehead appear wider than the jawline. You should keep your brows straight to avoid adding extra length to the face. If the thought of a straight brow leaves you horrified you can opt for a higher arch but may have to lower the front of the brow to keep the arch in its natural place. Adding length to the end of the brow and keeping the brows for apart at the front gives the illusion of a wider forehead, while angular shapes flatter the naturally angular features.
  • Heart Shaped – A heart-shaped face be spotted by a narrow, pointed chin. The forehead that is the widest part of the face. We can use brows to make the forehead appear smaller and therefore make the chin appear less sharp. Flat, straight brows will only exaggerate the forehead, while rounded brows will emphasise lines of the heart shape. A softly shaped brow with a slight curve will look the most flattering. Keep the brows shorter in length and close together to draw attention to the middle of the face.

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Why Is The Colour Of The Eyebrow So Important?

The two main rules say that dark-haired people should opt for up to two shades lighter eyebrow colour then their hair colour, while light-haired people should do the opposite.

Blondes should avoid eyebrow colour that is too dark, as it can make to sharp a contrast between the hair colour and the brow colour. It is important for the two colours to harmonise with each other.

How Much Does Eyebrow Shaping Cost?

Typically, waxing costs between $10 and $50 a treatment.

Threading is more expensive then waxing, and usually costs between $35 and $60 per visit.

Electrolysis can be very expensive with $15 minute sessions costing anywhere from $20 to $100 each. Most eyebrows require 8-12 sessions to completely rid yourself of unwanted hair, and appointments need to be scheduled about one to two weeks apart, so it can be difficult and expensive process.

My Brow Shaping Experience With Brows And Lux By Thi

To be completely transparent, brow shaping has always been the hardest for me to master. It also doesn’t help that I have a scar on my left brow because I had stitches. I’ve tried threading before in the past, but I can never find a consistent threader - they are actually really hard to come by. I gave up all together and would only tweeze the space between my brows – talk about low maintenance. That was until I discovered @browsandlux on Instagram. I was so impressed by Thi’s work that I reached out to her immediately to set an appointment. I recorded a video of our first session together - You can watch my “Brow Tutorial with Brows and Lux by Thi” on Youtube, click here

My experience with @browsandlux will always a memorable. I couldn’t believe how beautiful Thi made my brows look. My confidence was at an all-time high after I looked in the mirror. Eyebrows really matter that much - I felt a feeling I had never experienced before. I loved how my brows looked for the first time. Thi really is a true brow artist, she takes so much time and effort into her work and it really shows. Every time I see a new @browsandlux post on Instagram I get the feeling of happiness again because I know Thi’s clients love their results. I recently went back to visit Thi for a clean up and realized that my scar wasn't as noticeable as it was before. Because of how Thi is shaping my brows' they are actually growing in better than before. I am forever thankful for her and will always support her business. If you’re in the San Antonio area and would like to have your brows shaped, trust me when I say, Thi is the best in town. Follow @browsandlux on Instagram and schedule your next brow appointment here.

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