30 Piece High Quality Vegan, Cruelty Free, Synthetic Makeup Brushes with Travel Case by Luxie

The iconic Luxie pink and rose gold brush book is what every makeup lover’s dreams are made of. This high quality, antibacterial, multi-functional, vegan brush set will fulfill your contouring, blending, bronzing and highlighting fantasies. This Luxie pink and rose gold brush book is a 30-piece set that features a gorgeous pink zippable case with rose gold details. The travel case is fashionable yet functional, and it’s perfect for home or on the go.

Before I start using any new products, I always like to get to know a little bit about the company. Since I have sensitive skin, I want to make sure the products will be safe for my skin. Also, I like to support companies that have similar values as I do. After researching Luxie, I like the company’s core values and what they believe in. Keep reading below for my summary of the core values behind Luxie, which makes their brushes unique.

But first, I want to share my initial impression after using their products. The first thing that I noticed is that Luxie's brushes are so soft! We've all had bad experiences with traditional brushes turning coarse and scratchy, but not with Luxie's brushes! The softness and gentleness of the brushes make applying makeup a pampering experience! I can really feel the luxurious quality of the brushes.

Below, I have outlined some of the reasons why my experience using Luxie's brushes have been so wonderful and fun. I find it interesting that I can tie in my experience using Luxie's brushes to their core values. It is encouraging to see a company live out their core values, and where their customers can experience firsthand the company's values come to life.

Core Values Behind Luxie
  • Vegan:
      1. Furless brushes last far longer than animal fur. You can bend, flex, and use them multiple times. They will stay in the same condition when you first had them no matter how long you have been using them.
      2. Vegan brushes are made with the help of the latest technologies. Made by skilled professionals, users can expect them to be smooth, firm, and less rough on skin.
      3. When you choose to use vegan makeup brushes, it is kinder to animals. There is no need for animal involvement whatsoever. The thing about natural bristles is they were made of animal hair. Before putting them into brushes, they were part of an animal.
  • High-Quality Synthetic Bristles:
      1. Filaments that synthetic brushes are made from are much tougher than animal hair. As a result, they can take much more makeup and cleaning products with minimal damage. This is because they absorb less of the makeup pigment, so they require less frequent cleanup than natural brushes.
      2. We all know that cleaning traditional makeup brushes can be tedious and time consuming. However, when you are cleaning high-quality synthetic brushes, the process is quick and easy, which will motivate you to wash the brushes more regularly. Maintaining consistently clean brushes promotes better overall health, possibly making you less prone to infection and prevent residue from accumulating. You can clean the Luxie brushes in less than five minutes. All you need to clean them, is a bit of shampoo, rinse and leave them to dry.
      3. Synthetic fibers are much softer than animal fur and do not dry out like animal fur would, which you and I know becomes coarse and scratchy.  With their softness, Luxie's synthetic brushes were meant to be more comfortable on your skin, making it ideal for sensitive skin. They are made to remind you that applying makeup should not be a bad experience. Rather, it should be a pampering experience for you and your skin.
  • Hypoallergenic:
    1. Many people with sensitive skin find that they are allergic to the animal hair that many traditional brushes are made from. With Luxie brushes, you do not have to worry about allergic reactions, including itchy face, rashes, sneezing sessions, and watery eyes. Synthetic brushes provide a hypoallergenic alternative for people with sensitive skin.
    2. Synthetic brushes do not need to be sterilized like animal hair does, making Luxie brushes more hygienic and hypoallergenic.


Overall, I honestly enjoy the experience of applying makeup with Luxie brushes not only because they feel smooth, silky soft, and are made for sensitive skin but, also because I personally believe in the core values behind Luxie’s brand.

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