Curling Wand V/S Curling Iron

First things first, there are many benefits of purchasing a curling wand over the traditional curling iron. To start off, to achieve beautiful bouncy and luscious curls, I have first hand experience using both a curling wand and a curling iron. Both will give great looking curls, and thus beautiful looks, with the iron having a clip in it, and the curling wand being the clip less iron. But since both are named different, designed quite a bit different, and priced differently too, people seeking a curling machine often get confused when it comes to choosing between them. 
Here are Several Benefits of using a Curling Wand over a Curling Iron:
  • Better For Waves
Whether you want to rock loose or tight beach waves, our 6 in 1 “Bomshell” Ceramic Curling Wand has a barrel for your styling needs. Our curling wand comes with 6 unique detachable barrels (10-18mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm, Funnel 25mm and bead 25mm). With a traditional curling iron, you would have to curl your hair, then run your fingers through the curl several times in order to get a wavy look. With the curling wand, you simply wrap your hair around the curling wand, hold and release.
  • Healthier Hair
Traditional curling irons take longer to curl your hair. That extra time spent frying isn’t good for your hair follicles. With some curling irons you have to hold the hair to the iron for a minute in order to achieve a curl that will hold. As apposed to a curling wand, to achieve a great wave, you only have to hold your hair for 10-15 seconds.
  • Longer Lasting Curls
When using a curling wand, your hair stays wavy day and all night. You don’t have to use a lot of hairspray as the heating is strong. Curling iron curls become flat after an hour into the evening, even though you spend an hour creating them and use tons of hairspray.
  • Efficiency
Curling your hair with a curling wand is more efficient because it only takes you about 20 min. You can use thicker sections of hair and it only take 10 to 15 minutes for the wave take hold. With a curling iron, you need to get ready in advance because it takes about an hour to curl all of your hair. Reason being, in order for a curling iron curl to hold you would have to separate your hair into very thin sections, thus taking up extra time.
  •  Uniform Heat
Heating setting speed in a curling iron is generally a couple of minutes. The barrel gets heated within minutes and does not distribute the heat equally throughout the barrel. Versus a curling wand, heating is so fast, that you need to be cautious and put on safety gloves so that you do not burn your fingers. Because our “Bombshell” curling wand is made out of ceramic material, the heat is distributed evenly throughout the barrel resulting in even curls that will last for up to 2-3 days.
  • Heating Settings
Curling irons typically run on only one heat setting. It cannot be increased or decreased. The curling iron can simply be put on and off. However, curling wands have more than one heat setting, and this can go up to 10 levels off heat adjustment. As for speed, a curling wand heats up faster than a curling iron and gives results much faster. 
  • Heating plate
There are three types of heating plate materials that are normally used, ceramic, tourmaline, and simple metal. Most curling irons are made of simple metal which are less expensive and offer less protection to your hair follicles. Curling wands are made of ceramic and tourmaline. The ceramic and tourmaline ones which are more expensive models protect the hair strands while heating, and resist damage to hair.
  • No Creases
Curling wands are clip-less which leaves curls smooth and even each time. While curling irons leave behind small indentation marks on the tips of every hair follicle due to the clip, curling wands leave a smooth and even look each time.
Bombshell Ceramic Curling Wand - Old Hollywood Waves
In Conclusion
If you are going for a quick curling session, yet want long-lasting curls, and care about the health of your hair, choose a curling wand. If you plan on taking your time to get ready, don't care as much about the health of your hair, want to invest less money, then choose a curling iron. Curling wands exceed curling irons by far. Curling wands offer natural beachy waves, healthier hair, longer lasting curls, time efficiency, produce uniform curls, produce fast heating results, made of ceramic and tourmaline material, and leave your curls smooth and even. Our unique crystal encrusted “Bombshell” Ceramic Curling Wand comes with 6 unique detachable barrels to achieve 6 different types of curls and waves. Curling irons cannot give you varying curls and waves in one.
    I hope this article provides the most insight on curling irons v/s curling wands. If you have anything to share, do post your comments below.  

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