Benefits of Under Eye Hydra-Gel Patches

Who doesn't love the refreshing feeling of a sheet mask? They help prevent water evaporation and boost our skin with antioxidants providing hydration and smooth supple skin. Now hydra-gel patches are being created specifically for the under eye area. Moisturizing the whole face is not a bad thing to do, but often our under eye area usually shows our age, sleep schedule, allergy issues and hydration levels first with fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. 

What Are Under Eye Hydra-Gel Patches?

Under Eye Hydra-Gel Patches are a set of cooling, ingredient infused eye contour  patches that reduce the look of dryness, puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. Under eye hydra-gel patches allow you to focus on the fragile skin's specific issue with certain ingredients. Keep in mind that you may want different ingredients at different concentrations for the under eye area because you are trying to accomplish different things, and also everyone's skin is different. For example, if you want to target dark circles and wrinkles, Kocostar Acai Berry Tropical Eye Patches offer brightness and tightness to under eyes.

Do Hydra-Gel Eye Patches work?

So why use a hydra-gel eye patch instead of just eye cream? When hydra-gel eye patches are used regularly, you are covering the skin and actually increase the penetration of ingredients, sometimes anywhere between 10 to 100 times. The hydra-gel patches work as a barrier top that is pushing and driving those ingredients into the skin, so you get a higher level of the active ingredient. The cooling benefits of an icy cold compress without the chill are these gel, nutrient enriched pads that work to hydrate and smooth the skin under your eyes which diminishes the puffiness and swelling over time. Kocostar Tropical Eye Patches contain extremely beneficial Acai Berry antioxidants that help keep the under eye area well moisturized and maintain young, healthy and radiant skin. *This eye mask in unscented which will prevent irritation for sensitive skin. 

How To Use Gel Eye Patches?

Eye Gel Patches are very easy to use, Kocostar Tropical Eye Patches can be taken out using the enclosed spatula. Apply the eye patch onto clean eye area and leave on for 10-15 minutes. The featured Kocostar eye patches are disposable and come with 30 pairs.


Chill hydra-gel eye patches to achieve a skin tightening effect

  • Refrigerate the hydra-gel eye patches for 60 minutes 
  • Freeze for an invigorating cooling effect for 10-15 minutes

Warm when you want a soothing effect

  • Soak for 5-10 min in hot (not boiling) water

My Review: 

I enjoy wearing Kocostar hydra-gel eye patches right before bed or right after I wake up in the morning. If I wear the gel patches in the morning, I place 2 patches in a ziplock bag and put them in the freezer for 10 min to give my eyes a cooling/invigorating boost (this also helps me wake up and feel energized). When I happen to have a busy morning, and cannot freeze my hydra-eye patches, I soak 2 patches in hot water to give my eyes a soothing treatment right before bed (this helps me get a good nights rest). As for results, my under eye skin has been looking more radiant than usual! I would highly recommend giving these hydra-gel patches a try. Luckily, the Kocostar Acai Berry Tropical Eye Patches I have been using are recommended for all skin types. Enjoy!

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